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(Your) Great Reset


Our globalist overlords seem keenly intent on using every world crisis to “reset” the lives of the people to their own fancy. Cut carbon. Eat bugs. “You’ll own nothing and be happy.” And yet most Americans still love their trucks, their home, and eating real meat.

That being said, the globalists are right about one thing. We do need a reset. We need to reset our lives and halt the woke steamroller trying to crush our wills and claim our children. We need to live our lives with truth and intention. Are you ready to reset life on your own terms? We’re here to help.

The Better Alternative

Find a Non-Woke Church: Does your pastor talk about social justice more than God’s justice? Or is the leadership afraid to address the controversial issues at all? Run, don’t walk. It’s time to find a new mission-minded church like the ones listed below. 

Watermark in the DFW area of Texas is a growing church known for its strong, biblical stances on controversial issues. Christ Church and New Saint Andrews are booming operations under the direction of Doug Wilson and impressively taking over Moscow, Idaho. For Catholics, find a Latin mass nearby–we can pretty much guarantee those aren’t hotbeds of radical leftwing ideology.

To find a non-woke church in your specific area, peruse their websites and scope out statements of faith–the clearer they are, the better. Once you decide to attend, ask to meet with a church leader and get their thoughts on issues like abortion or homosexaulity. Their wokeness, or lack thereof, will soon be revealed. 

Or maybe your current church is just teetering on the edge of cultural compromise? If so, check out this useful guide for proactively assessing and addressing the problem. 

Find a Non-Woke College: Yes, there are still some colleges out there where professors train the mind and the soul for better, not worse. Hillsdale always ranks at the top of conservative lists, but there’s also St. John’s College in Annapolis and Santa Fe, and Cedarville University, an unabashedly Christian school in Ohio. Wyoming Catholic College also deserves a mention for uniquely combining education with outdoor skills. There are many more options, just be sure to ask specific questions about campus culture before you take the plunge. 

Find a Non-Woke School: Sadly, private schools aren’t always a great alternative to their public counterparts. Home schooling is recommended, though we understand the challenges. If you have them nearby, check out Great Hearts Academies now in Arizona, Florida, Louisiana, and Texas. There is also the Chesterton Schools Network with locations throughout America. If there’s not one near your family, consider reaching out to Great Hearts or Chesterton directly—they can help you navigate all the logistics to start your own school. Hillsdale University also has a list of affiliated classical schools, and Memorial Press has both in-person and online homeschooling options. 

If your student is in public school, don’t forget to sign up for Courage Is A Habit, a wide-ranging resource that can help you assess what’s being taught to your student and what you can do about it.

Find a Non-Woke Doctor: It’s hard to find doctors who still hold to the Hippocratic oath nowadays, but it’s best to keep the search going, especially as more leftists foist their pseudoscience on young children. Earthley can help point you toward medical organizations that stood firm in the face of vaccine mandates, and Christian Medical & Dental Associations (CMDA) allows you to search by location for values-aligned doctors. Remote Health Solutions is another option run by an unabashedly anti-woke CEO. For a flat fee, they provide as many doctor visits as you want. For mental health services, Conservative Therapists can help you find a therapist or counselor uninfected by the latest leftist fad. 

Find Non-Woke Children’s Activities: For some family-friendly entertainment instead of whatever’s on Netflix, try Torchlighters, which features children’s shows about heroes of the Christian faith. Beyond screen time, there are tons of great activities out there to help kids engage with the wider world and cultivate their skills. On that front, try Young + Wild & Friedman, which has play kits filled with ideas, activities, and toys for kids. There are also Trail Life and American Heritage Girls programs, the Christian alternatives to the corrupted “Boy” Scouts and Girl Scouts.

Business Spotlight

Few changes will yield a more immediate increase in your happiness than finding a job in a non-woke workplace. Just imagine not having to hide your opinions or enjoying a calendar free of diversity and inclusion seminars. Red Balloon to the rescue! Red Balloon is a job search engine with listings from businesses that reject culture, allow diversity of opinion, and don’t let politics get in the way of work. New jobs are posted daily! 

Are you an employer seeking normal, non-woke workers? Enjoy a 10% off Red Balloon’s services with the code ALIGN. 

The Bigger Picture

Don’t let the elites reset you. Take back the reins, live life according to your values, and invest your time and money in your allies, not your enemies. Tune into former White House advisor Paige Willey’s latest podcast to learn more ways to reclaim your country.