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Mary Harrington and Feminism Against Progress

In the latest edition of Women Who Inspire, we’d like to introduce the ALIGN audience to Mary Harrington. Mary is a British columnist and contributing editor at Unherd. She calls herself a reactionary feminist, which is to say that Mary “doesn’t believe in progress.” Mary’s excellent work often focuses on the transgender issue, and she often dabbles in the esoteric aspects of the pink police state. Mary’s a wife and mother whose witty blog–an art critique of her toddler’s scribbles–is what led to her discovery as a writer.

Recently, Mary sat down with Helen Roy on GIRLBOSS, INTERRUPTED to discuss what she means by “Feminism Against Progress,” which is the title of the book set to be released in the spring of 2023. It’s the podcast’s most popular episode and for good reason; Mary touches on an aspect of historical feminism where those who fear obscurity fear to tread: the underlying material conditions of each wave.