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Theology of Home with Carrie Gress

Dr. Carrie Gress is a wife, mother, and author of several faith-based books for and about women, including Nudging Conversions, Ultimate Makeover, The Marian Option, Marian Consecration for Children, The Anti-Mary Exposed, and Theology of Home. She also co-authored City of Saints; A Pilgrim’s Guide to John Paul II’s Krakow with George Weigel. Her latest book, Theology of Home III, was released in June 2022.

Theology of Home, Gress’s online community by the same name as the hit book, was created by Gress and her coauthor “to help women overcome the struggles that keep us from confidently living and sharing the faith.” There, Gress and her confounder, Noelle Mering, “curate and publish content and create and source carefully-crafted products that help women at any stage of life live out their vocations with beauty and meaning.”

Gress is a Fellow at the Washington, D.C.-based think-tank, Ethics and Public Policy Center, and a Scholar at the Institute for Human Ecology at Catholic University of America. She has a doctorate in philosophy from the Catholic University of America; Carrie has written for numerous publications, including Aleteia, Catholic World Report, National Review, The Epoch Times, The Federalist, and The Washington Examiner. 

Listen to Carrie Gress’s podcast with Helen Roy on Girlboss, Interrupted, where she explains how our homes are a foretaste of heaven–and how sweetness must therefore be cultivated!