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What are the Alternatives to Amazon?

It’s no secret that Amazon is one of the big players when we talk about big tech. It’s a company driven by insatiable consumerism and is quickly becoming a monstrous monopoly. The small businesses that make up the heart of America and strengthen our local communities barely stand a chance.

Taking on Amazon may feel a bit like a David and Goliath story, but the good news is that we—the consumers—are the driving factor behind celebrating and supporting conservative companies that stay true to the traditional values of America.

What’s up With Amazon?

Amazon’s business model brings convenience to customers, but it can actually be detrimental to society as a whole in the long run. Not only does Amazon steamroll over the small businesses it claims to “help,” but its goals are not in line with conservative family values. 

Amazon’s Effects on Small Businesses

Convenience can be nice, but it comes with a cost. And that cost is high.

Although small businesses can work with Amazon to list their products, Amazon has set its own rules and regulations that have to be followed to qualify as a seller. From there, sellers compete with other sellers, but in the end, Amazon determines which seller will fit the consumer. This makes it increasingly difficult for the smallest of small businesses to make their way up the list and sell their products.

Amazon also requires both selling fees and stocking fees, if you choose to have your products stocked and fulfilled at their facilities. So, no matter how much you are selling, Amazon will take part of your profit margin.

This is all in addition to competing with Amazon itself. Amazon has begun processing some of its own basics, like T-shirts, that they can sell for less because of higher profit margins. Essentially, you can sell on Amazon but not without going through quite a few hurdles on your end. 

Amazon’s Effects on Our Culture

It doesn’t come as a shock that Amazon has changed our culture. The business has become as impersonal as a click from your couch without thinking about any of the ramifications of your purchase. In fact, Amazon is the very reason that Parler, the conservative social media space, got shut down—they gave in to the pressures of the progressive agenda. 

If you buy from a company you know you can trust, you know your money is going to a good cause. Your money won’t be used on useless woke social media campaigns to appease cancel culture keyboard warriors. Instead, you know that conservative company will use your money to help us create the America we know it can be.

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Amazon Alternatives

The negative effects of Amazon leave many searching for alternatives to big tech companies. There are a few alternatives to Amazon, although their focuses are limited. 

These companies include:

While these are great alternatives, they are limited in what they offer. Is there any sort of “true” alternative? And what’s more, is there a company that finally goes against the “woke” culture and still values traditional American values rather than virtue signaling? 

While there isn’t a true alternative yet, there is hope for one as more people make conscientious shopping a way of life. As always, Align is dedicated to helping you find endorsed companies and brands run by real people who want to better their communities and their families.