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Four USA-Made Athletic Shoes You Can Buy on Amazon

There’s a lot to dislike about Amazon, and we at Align certainly don’t begrudge anyone for choosing not to use it. But while the average consumer can avoid it with a little effort, for many small businesses it’s become an unavoidable part of the sales ecosystem. So why not take advantage of Amazon’s convenience to support some worthy made-in-America brands?

When I was a kid, buying shoes meant going to a shoe store, where a guy in a tie (!) would carefully measure my growing feet with a Brannock device. Maybe those days are long gone, but you can still support some great American footwear brands with the click of a button.

New Balance

Yes, the ultimate purveyor of fashionably dorky dad shoes has outsourced much of its production to Asia, but it does continue to produce its Made in USA collection here at home. That includes the iconic 990 V5. Is it too soon for a normcore revival?


When Martin Keen founded his eponymous shoe company in Rhode Island in 2003, the glory days of American footwear manufacturing were in the past. But as the brand thrived, Keen built a factory in Portland, Oregon to try to bring them back. Since 2010, it’s been producing some of the company’s most popular models. Tread lightly on your next hike with the comfortable and waterproof Durand 2.

Luna Sandals

Perhaps you’d prefer a more minimalist approach to hitting the trails. You can let those dogs breathe in a pair of Luna Mono Sandals, invented by ultrarunning wild man Barefoot Ted. Thanks to their patented Monkey Grip Technology footbeds and Vibram soles, these barely-there racers will keep you on track for hundreds of miles.


Not all of us keep our toes in ready-for-their-closeup condition. If you want something a little more modest, Boston-based shoe giant Reebok has you covered. Yes, they make most of their product overseas, but there are a few notable exceptions. Such as the handsome, black-on-black Postal Express CP8101. As you might guess from the name, these babies are USPS-approved. If your friendly-neighborhood mail carrier can vouch for them, they’re bound to serve you well through rain and snow…you get it.