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Nine Non-Woke Valentine’s Day Gifts for Him

Valentine’s Day is eleven days away, ladies! Straight, normal men are increasingly hard to shop for these days as it seems nearly everything is infused with woke weirdness, but we’ve scoured the internet to find aligned gift ideas for every kind of man (and budget).

Our Top Nine

1. Pursuit Outside: Whether he’s looking to have a world-class hunting trip, scuba dive in some of the globe’s most picturesque locations, or earn the ins and outs of fly fishing, Pursuit Outside unlocks the experiences he craves but can’t always pursue. Sign up today and find your adventure.

2. Maui Nui: Perfect for the foodie or eco-conscious man in your life, Maui Nui is on a mission to provide customers with the highest quality curated meat boxes and balance Hawaiian ecological systems at the same time. Rich volcanic soil, plant diversity, and wild grazing make their Axis Deer products extraordinarily nutritious.

3. Kennesaw: Named for the iconic Georgia town of Kennesaw—where all households are required by law to own a gun—Kennesaw Co. offers beautifully crafted, high-performance menswear that proudly embraces the values and American traditions we love. If your hubby is still mourning Carhartt’s forced vaccine policy, Kennesaw is a fantastic alternative.

4. OHSAY USA: Speaking of mixers, if your husband is an at-home mixologist, make his home bar complete with a beautiful wooden muddler. If that’s not the perfect fit, OHSAY has a specially curated Valentine’s Day section, all proudly made in America.

5. Gold River Trading Co.: If he’s a tea enthusiast, he’ll absolutely love this trio from GRTC. Delivering maximum loose-leaf flavor without any of mess, GRTC is a one-of-a-kind gift. Perhaps even better, they are unapologetically anti-woke, and all of their teas are blended and packed in the USA.

6. TBJ’s Bacon Emergency Kit: A fun, affordable, lovingly-made-in-America gift for any bacon-lover. (And if he doesn’t love bacon, be suspicious). The kit includes a 9oz jar of Classic Bacon Jam, a jar of smoked Bacon Salt, and Maple Sugar Rub.

7. Honoring Intimates: New lingerie is a gift for him and for you, too! Faith-based business Honoring Intimates offers a wide variety of beautiful lingerie options styled on mannequins rather than models. It’s a unique shopping experience that honors women’s bodies.

8. AirFly: AirFly is a wireless adapter that lets you use your wireless headphones or earbuds in places that only have a headphone jack, like airplanes and treadmills. Plug this tiny transmitter into the headphone jack to listen to in-flight movies or TVs at the gym and enjoy 20+ hours of battery life.

9. Kingdom Coupling: Lastly, If you need a gift idea for a single guy in your life looking for love, we cannot recommend Kingdom Coupling enough. This course is designed to equip people to understand God’s purpose for their lives, to find their identity in Christ, to discover their miraculous testimony, and to thrive in God-honoring dating relationships. Align readers save 10% off the course with the code ALIGN.

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