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The Dating Course You Need

I want to highlight a ministry that is similarly holding fast to truth and beauty as they teach the skills needed for healthy human relationships, particularly in the realm of dating, love, and marriage. A lack of a social public life is part of the reasons big companies feel entitled to lie flagrantly and abuse American customers. It follows, then, that investing in relationships and building them in the divine tranquility of order empowers people to fight back. 

Divine Opportunity Ministries “seeks to equip people to understand God’s purpose for their lives, to find their identity in Christ, to discover their miraculous testimony, and to thrive in God-honoring dating relationships.” This is accomplished through three ministry pillars:

1. Kingdom Coupling: How to Attract, Date, and Select a Godly Spouse
2. Kingdom Mindset: How to be Set Free and Stay Free Despite Fierce Pressure from the Outside World
3. Kingdom Moments: How to Demonstrate God’s Love and Presence in Everyday Life

This content comes to you via online courses, webinars, workshops, retreats, podcasts, sermons, and social media. In a special partnership with Divine Opportunity, our audience gets 10% off their dating-focused Kingdom Coupling Course with the code ALIGN. Aside from intentional economic choices, strong, divinely ordered relationships are our greatest weapon against the enemies of truth and beauty.