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The City Mother: A Novel

Author Maya Sinha is one of the most talented writers out there today. Her most recent novel, The City Mother, actually tackles several of the themes I’ve brought up in this edition of Align Women: consumerism, superabundance, information overload, and liturgical thinking.

Maya has a substack called Creative License that is well worth the (free!) subscription, and she published an essay recently on the death of Queen Elizabeth that goes into what it really means to be a matriarch. Be sure to listen to my episode of Girlboss, Interrupted in which I speak with Maya about her novel, motherhood in the modern world– all my favorite topics! If Maya’s essay on royalty piques your interest, be sure to read my latest column in The American Mind on Meghan Markle, “The Duchess of Decline.” This piece, oddly enough, went viral in Britain over the weekend. Judging by my inbox, Meghan Markle may have underestimated the kind of national fervor that matriarchal loyalty inspires.