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The Best American Pickleball Gear on Amazon

It’s not ideal to buy from Amazon, but sometimes the convenience is hard to resist. The good news is, it’s a great way to support American small businesses. And, it turns out, America’s fastest-growing sport: pickleball. Get the gang together for drinks and dinks with these essentials.

Selkirk Paddles

First things first: you’re gonna need a paddle. And some of the best are manufactured by Selkirk Sport. The family-owned, Idaho-based manufacturer also offers apparel, courses, an app featuring live-streamed pro matches, and a charity program dedicated to spreading the sport.

Pickle-Ball, Inc Pickleball Set

Fancy pickleball courts are going up everywhere, but you don’t need one to play. After all, the sport was invented using an old asphalt badminton court. Pickle-Ball, Inc’s handsome, made-in-America set provides the paddles, balls, and net. You just need to find a driveway, playground, or cul-de-sac.

Pickleball Tutor Plus

Burbank, CA’s Sports Tutor has been making fine ball-throwing machines for tennis and baseball since 1986. They have met the training demands of pickleball players with the same homegrown innovation. Their battery-operated, 110-ball-capacity Pickleball Tutor Plus will keep you on your toes with serves, lobs, groundstrokes, dinks, lobs, and drives — with adjustable speed and spin.

Super Fly Goods Retro Pickleball Visor

Your pickleball technique may not be pretty, but that’s no excuse for not cutting a fashionable figure on the court. Super Fly Goods’ retro visor will shield your eyes with so much 70s flair you may be inspired to stage your own Bobby Riggs/Billie Jean King Battle of the Sexes.