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Telos Art & Jewelry

The official holiday season has begun. That means family gatherings and gift-giving, and that means for the next few weeks here at Align Women, I’m going to be curating small businesses, artists, and artisans with gifting in mind. That way, you, my lovely subscribers, don’t have to support the woke corporatocracy that is hell-bent on taking Christ out of Christmas. I used to think that was just a silly boomer Fox News shibboleth. They might have been pandering to Granny, but Granny’s anger was righteous!

To sisters, mothers, and other female friends, I always love to give jewelry. I especially love to give jewelry that has meaning. This year, I’m going to be giving jewelry from companies I’ll continue to feature in this newsletter–all personally vetted for excellence in quality and absence of quackery. 

I am a big fan of Telos Art, whose thoughtful and feminine pieces are some of the most beautiful I’ve seen. I’m not a fan of kitschy Christian stuff, which always strikes me as inauthentic. Telos’ items, true to the name, are as sophisticated as the religious motifs they capture. Great for girlfriends with refined taste.