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Seasonal Nesting

Who else gets the insuppressible urge to nest when the feeling of forthcoming frost fills the air? If I were completely unrestrained, I’d have already spent a fortune at HomeGoods on velvet pumpkins and decorative pillows that wouldn’t last the season. If TikTok is any indication of how middle-class American moms approach autumn, then this seems to be a cultural norm.

Again–in a world of cheap superabundance, consumerism, and waste, what’s the virtuous path? It’s probably not that we shouldn’t prune our homes seasonally. In fact, there’s psychological evidence that suggests it is in fact quite good for you, and y’all already know how I feel about liturgical living. It’s good and right for homemakers to make beautiful homes. In that effort, we should take care to support the right business as we buy the right things for the right reasons–investing, exclusively to the extent that we can, in quality items and quality businesses.

For this reason, I’d like to introduce you all to House of Joppa. House of Joppa offers a fresh new take on Christian home decor, jewelry, and gifts that outwardly show the beauty of the faith. Their home goods pair perfectly with modern and traditional aesthetics alike, and their thoughtful jewelry makes great Christmas gifts. Never too early to start planning those! Blessed is She is a similar kind of business, and they just put up a variety of Advent-themed journals, too.