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Not Just Elon: More CEOs Against Wokeness


The woke overlords running our country into the ground don’t want any dissent. Their power depends upon people like us going along without question: buying their products, watching their shows, mouthing their pieties, and fearing their retaliation. But what happens when people say “no”? What happens when people tell the truth? Cancel culture can take out a few lone dissidents, but it can’t destroy a multitude.

Regular readers of this newsletter know that, regardless of what celebrities and mainstream media shills suggest, folks like us are not alone. Across the country, there are thousands of businesses and tens of millions of citizens who reject speech codes, refuse to submit to leftwing ideological litmus tests, and take public stands for an America that is equal, proud, and free.

Our dissent will break their system. As people refuse to play by their arbitrary rules, they don’t stop playing their game–but their game does cease to matter.

Speak up. Now is the time for dissent. 

The Better Alternative

Our list of allies is growing. The upper echelons of business, media, technology, and finance may appear monolithic, but there are cracks in the façade. This week we want to highlight some powerhouse allies you should keep an eye on who is fighting the beast from within.

First up is Shopify CEO Tobi Lütke. Shopify is located in Canada, which competes for “most insane leftwing place in the western hemisphere” with San Francisco. That still didn’t stop Lütke from taking his own employees to the mat last year. “Shopify, like any other for-profit company, is not a family,” he wrote. He added that “we cannot solve every societal problem here” and that they will only get involved in a societal issue if it “directly helps our business and our merchants and not because of some moralistic overreach.” Hear hear.

A big Disney investor, Vivek Ramaswamy, wrote a letter to the CEO of the company formerly devoted to children’s entertainment slamming him for undermining his legal fiduciary responsibility to him and to every other shareholder that owns a part of the company. “Disney must make clear that it will no longer take political stances on issues unrelated to its core business operations,” Ramaswamy wrote, adding that it should stay neutral “no matter how important a particular social cause is to Disney’s employees or its followers on Twitter.”

Ed Rensi, the former CEO of McDonalds, also joined in on the verbal counterattack on leftwing corporations. “It’s not the providence of board members or executives that take shareholder money profit and spend it on social matters,” he told FOX Business. “Corporations should not get involved in social engineering. Rensi isn’t small potatoes. He’s the guy who created chicken McNuggets and helped turn McDonalds into a global powerhouse. When he talks, people listen. 

Last up is Jesse Powell, the CEO of Kraken, a bitcoin and cryptocurrency exchange. He hit the nail on the head when he said what everyone knows: woke ideologues are a tiny minority. The only reason they have power is because other people let them. “20 unhappy people can sap the productivity out of another 400 with little effort,” he wrote, criticizing workers who obsess over diversity, equity, inclusion, pronouns, and more. “Most people don’t care and want to work. But they can’t be productive while triggered people keep dragging them into debates and therapy sessions.” Good point. So what did Powell do about it? He put out a company culture document in support of freedom and told all those who didn’t agree to quit.

Business Spotlight

The mainstream media is completely corrupted by spin. It is nothing more than the megaphone of the left that buries the truth, twists the facts, and attempts to discredit anyone who questions their narratives. 

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The Bigger Picture

If you need any proof that our countercultural movement is making an impact, you should give this article a read in the Daily Caller entitled “A Parallel, Conservative Economy Is Emerging To Compete With ‘Corporations That Hate You.’” The author of the piece talked to New Founding’s very own Matt Peterson about this big shift:

“New Founding, a conservative for-profit organization, is connecting conservative investors with ideologically aligned projects and publishing a curated guide of companies that align with its social values. New Founding cofounder Matthew Peterson had already been connecting investors with ideologically aligned businesses informally, but he created New Founding to do that at a larger scale, he told the DCNF.”

Read on to learn more about what this parallel economy looks like–and how we’re building it.