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Non-Woke Christmas Card Alternatives


At this point, America effectively has two month-long national holidays: Christmas and “Pride.” The first evokes goodwill, love, and humility. The other celebrates self-gratification, lust, and, well, pride. 

These opposite holidays reflect the divided heart of America and go way beyond the battle between “Happy Holidays” and “Merry Christmas.” Look around at the Hallmark movies, corporate ads, and common propaganda pushed by Christmas card companies and you’ll see the same trend: less God becoming man and more man “becoming” woman. A few scrolls down Vistaprint and Shutterfly’s holiday section will confirm that subversion is swiftly on the rise. 

This is a time of year to rejoice in the Word made flesh Who makes us whole, particularly in the messages we send to our family and friends. So as you search for the perfect Christmas card, choose a card company that reminds people of the reason for the season.

The Better Alternative

A (Slightly) Better Big Player: Minted is not perfect—there are many aspects of the company that are certainly woke. But unlike the other big fish in the Christmas card pond, Minted at least heavily features traditional families in their advertising and has a large Christian section. Minted also says that they have a direct relationship with their artists, so if you’re going to go with a big brand you may as well support some artists who create unapologetically Christian Christmas art.

Release the Artist Within: If you have the ability to design your own card, Cascade Printing can handle all your printing needs. This small, aligned business is located in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and has a personal, customer-centric touch. Even if you can’t design your own card, perhaps you can find a good, free design on Canva and then have Cascade do the printing for you.

American Classics: To get a guaranteed American-made card, check out this collection of companies compiled by USA Love List. Our personal favorites are American Stationary, an over century-old company from a small town in Indiana that has a collection of fun Christmas prints, and Warner Christian Resources with their beautiful American-made, Christ-centered cards.

Independent Options: Of course, you can always find a great Christian artist on Etsy to create the perfect card from your family. With all the regular caveats that Etsy itself is not a great company, many of the independent creators on the site are wonderful folks worthy of our support. We recommend using Esty as a search engine but bypassing it for your purchase if possible. Sometimes business owners on Etsy have their own websites and you can go there to buy straight from the source.

Business Spotlight

There is one classic alternative out there where you can not only get Christian-themed products but also a customized card without any wokeness seeping in: Photo Affections. The company has a giant array of photo card options, and they can even help you create specialized ornaments, mugs, and more. The prices are competitive, they provide a designer review of your card for free to ensure everything looks perfect, and if you need the cards in a rush they have the option for next-day shipping.

The Bigger Picture

Starting to get a little stressed about Christmas planning? That’s okay. Black Friday and Cyber Monday may be gone, but you still have more than enough time to get the gift you need this Christmas. We’ve compiled a long list of non-woke options for you to choose from, and many of them are still running sales!