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New Year, New Goal: Live Aligned


New Year’s is a rhythm of life. By its very nature it makes us take stock of the year that has passed and look forward to the year to come—all with an eye toward how we can change and what we can do better. As humans, we need some calm, quiet time set aside to figure out how we can adjust our habits. What should we cut out? What should we start doing? What are our resolutions this year?

Ultimately, New Year’s resolutions are about becoming who we want to be instead of going through life on autopilot.

Maybe you’ve already made your resolutions, or maybe you’re still trying to hone them in. Whether you’re looking to eat healthier, take control of the tech in your life, or anything else, make sure the products you buy to accomplish your goals are aligned with the vision of yourself that you’re trying to achieve. This is a year when you really want to make progress on building a better you. Do it while using your money to purchase from companies that support your values and your way of life.

The Better Alternative

Meal Prep Made Easy: After the sugar overload of Christmas, countless Americans choose to start the new year with a commitment to a better diet. Companies like Blue Apron and Hello Fresh promise consumers convenient delivery of fresh food with easy recipes. Both of those companies are also woke. A better alternative is Clean Eatz Kitchen. They deliver fully cooked healthy meals that just need to be warmed up and are designed to help folks lose weight.

Fitness Upgrade: If you know a good, pro-American local gym, we certainly think its great to join. But if you are looking for a home workout, we recommend buying from these great workout equipment manufacturers: Wright Equipment and  Iron Grip barbell company. They are made in the USA and you can buy anything from hand weights to full scale workout machines.

Relationship Refresh: Vague resolutions are a recipe for disaster. Accomplishing big goals demands taking a series of small steps. But how does that work when you want to be a better friend, a better parent, a better manager, or a better leader? One great way to make big strides in any of these areas is to rely on a life coach—and we can’t recommend more Keith McCurdy. He’s a Professional Counselor and Marriage and Family Therapist who works with families, schools, and more to help people build strong and healthy relationships. This isn’t some Freudian therapeutic BS. Listen to his podcast to get a feel for the type of sturdy, strong advice he offers.

Taking Control of Tech: If you pick up your phone multiple times an hour, check your email or social media accounts within minutes of waking up, or can’t seem to wait patiently in line for something without opening up your phone, you may need a tech detox. In 2023, don’t let your phone rule your life. Take control of tech with Techless’s Detox Kit. Their kit comes with insightful reading, handy cards to help you build tech-free habits, and a 30-day Wisephone rental that gives you the few things you need on a phone without the 90 million things you don’t need.

Business Spotlight

Over the years we’ve realized that it’s a lot easier to get the rest of life in order when your spiritual life is in order. Healthy eating, regular exercise, strong relationships, controlling tech—so many things fall into place, or at least get a lot easier to accomplish, when you have a good relationship with our loving God. A great way to set spiritual goals, establish a daily prayer habit, and center yourself on God is through the Abide Meditation app. Try it out for free.

The Bigger Picture

We have a personal favorite resolution over here at Align: Stop buying from companies that hate you. This is the year to cut ties with Amazon, drop Netflix, forget about Target, and find alternatives to every other woke, offshoring, morally perverse company out there. This is the year to support strong, aligned, American businesses who love our country and want to support our families. We built the Align Guide as the go-to place to find every type of company and product you need from verified sources. We’re adding new companies every week, and our online community is verifying businesses, recommending alternatives, and building the new economy brick by brick every day. Log on now, find what you’re looking for, and join the conversation.