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Memorial Day is Coming: Here are 7 America-Loving Businesses You Need to Know About

Memorial Day is coming up just around the bend, and it’s the official start of the summertime season. It’s also a time to honor and respect those that have given their lives to our great country. In a world where people don’t even have enough respect for our basic rights or our Constitution, our most aligned goal is to openly share our patriotic spirit with flags, family, cookouts, and fun. Nothing can make the bitter Left seethe more than seeing real Americans celebrate one of our most treasured holidays. 

We honor and love all of our fallen soldiers. And yes, we follow and live by America’s principles. But there’s a simpler side to our lives as well. We love summertime grilling with our co-patriots. We love hanging our Christmas lights and donning our cowboy hats. Some of our best moments are those Sunday gatherings for the football games, and yes, to meet and eat and drink cold beer. When we say we love the United States of America, we mean all of her.  

And speaking about grilling, nothing says summertime rules like the smell of that charcoal and grilled meat steaming up in our backyards sitting around with our family. So this holiday weekend, try some of Nolan Ryan Beef. Founded by the all-time strikeout leader (the man himself), Nolan Ryan Beef provides high-quality, USDA choice, all-natural, Texas beef for all of your carnivorous needs. 

Want to spice up your meats and other sundries? We have two options to choose from. You have Betley’s Batch, a family-owned, Dallas-based BBQ sauce company that has been in operation for nearly 70 years. There’s also True Made Foods, which produces shockingly tasty ketchups, mustards, BBQ sauces, and all kinds of hot sauces, all without sugar.  

The best way to keep all of your refreshing summer beverages ice cold is to buy yourself a cooler: so make it the best one. Thank God this American company still creates its cooler brands here in the land of the freewe’re talking about Igloo Coolers. They are the originators of the ‘playmate’, grab and go cooler. They are still manufactured in Katy, Texas, so it’s an American brand made by American hands. 

For those who want an alternative the usual beer and soft drinks, Gold River Trading Co. has phenomenal ice tea, along with other loose-leaf varieties. Align readers can enjoy 10% off their purchase with the code ALIGN1.

You want those beverages to stay cool, but you should represent Memorial Day in the proper style. Wear the 1776 United brand. They offer a 15% to all military personnel and are also unabashed to advertise their love of America. They sell shirts, shorts, hats, mugs, and more, so take a glance at their catalog and get into the summer mood dressed your best.   

A while back we featured a company called Brave American created in Brighton, Michigan. Their skilled team is a group of military veterans who dedicate their skills to producing vibrantly patriotic wood, metal, and canvas décor items as well as clothing.