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Meghan Markle’s Fashionable Leninism

I know what you’re thinking. These people again? Seriously? You’re not alone: people are growing tired of the rogue royals hell-bent on destroying the monarchy. Even for Americans, especially since South Park spoofed their global privacy tour, their popularity drops with every information drop. But even with growing exasperation and distaste, interest remains at an all time high.

I have some ideas about this. Obviously, they’re a good looking couple who operate at the precise nexus of palace intrigue and celebrity gossip. These facts have a certain amount of explanatory power for the constant clickbait coverage. She’s also explicitly political, in the sense that she’s all too eager to demonstrate fealty to the gods of woke.

But on a deeper level, high level political betrayal by apparent friends, siblings, etc is not only perennial, it’s Shakespearian, it’s Biblical…and over time, it’s hitting closer and closer to home. Not only does this story have a near mythical draw, in the remarkably soviet social environment that American culture has become, “cancellation” between family members has become more common. We saw this really accelerate in the summer of 2020 during the Black Lives Matter protests, when the little maoists took to tic Tok to dox their parents—the very parents who paid for the education that poisoned them, to add insult to injury.

It’s for this reason that Harry and Meghan became the launching point for the latest episode of Girlboss, Interrupted. I brought on Caylan Ford, a Canadian conservative politician and education reformer who, while running for office a few years ago, was betrayed by a friend who posted bits of texts conversation out of context, editorializing and timing the drop in order to make the maximum possible negative impact: in other words, to dox Caylan.

It’s easier than ever to absolve oneself of self-indulgent jealousy by embellishing it as some nebulous, powerful hateful thing, like patriarchy or structural racism or whatever. This is what Harry and Meghan have done; this is what happened to Caylan Ford; this is what’s become familiar to the average person enduring woke culture’s ascendency.

Despite it all, Caylan’s hard-won words of wisdom and Christian piety made this episode a source of hope and inspiration rather than resentment. If you’ve ever found yourself on the losing end of a “cancellation,” publicly or privately, this one’s for you. Find it wherever you get your podcasts.