Align is a movement bringing Americans together to restore the country we love. We curate products, companies, and services working to build a better way of life.

Meet The Guide

As our enemies attempt to shape the world in their image and against our values, people are looking for trustworthy communities to help them live aligned lives. The tools that used to guide us have failed, yet people still need help. We need a new Guide, so we built one.

Since New Founding’s beginning, people keen to forge a new path have reached out to us for help, whether it’s finding aligned businesses, choosing a university, building a career at a non-woke workplace, and everything in between.

This information is out there but hard to find. The knowledge to live well exists within trust-based communities like your church, trust friends, and circle of allies. We wanted to build something that could capture this knowledge and make it accessible to anyone looking for answers. To solve these problems, we built The Guide. Simple yet powerful, The Guide is a place where you can ask for help, share your knowledge with others, and earn credibility as help others in the community.

You can think of it as the trust layer of the internet. The Guide allows you to easily ask questions and get trusted recommendations. Are you looking for alternatives from Big Tech, a new book for your children, or anything that helps you live a more aligned life? Ask the community! Are you the kind of person who’s done research on the best non-woke alternatives for makeup companies, good family movies, or businesses to buy from? Share your knowledge with the community and earn credibility. Everyone has friends who are experts at something—could be hiking gear, food, or books. See a question you know a friend can answer? Grab that link and post it on a group chat or email to crowdsource the answer.

Every recommendation is captured in a searchable, trust-based index for others to find. You can endorse and share your opinion on thousands of companies, products, media, and more—all in The Guide. Lists allow you to save recommendations. They can also be publicly shared with others or kept fully private.

Our goal with The Guide is to enable our people to help each other live more aligned lives.

You know more than you think you know—so share your wisdom with others and help us turn the tide.

Join The Guide today.

P.S. Make sure to download the browser extension so you can take the recommendations of the Align community with you as you navigate the web.