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Lore Pemberton Fine Art

If there is an American artist that really captures the essence of coziness, it’s Loré Pemberton. Loré is an artist living with her family in the northern woods of Vermont tucked between a mountain and a river in what they fondly call Cold Hollow. Cold Hollow inspires her work, which you could describe as whimsical American pastoral kitsch. Every piece is a story unto itself.

Lore Pemberton prints include visuals of cozy farm or country cottage lifestyles. Things like women and children working in a garden, a bundled up child taking letters to the post office, and a summer dress-clad woman enjoying a book in the corner of her home. Lore Pemberton prints are the epitome of calm, warm, joyful country lives. Many prints include depictions of families working together or spending sweet time at home together.

You can buy Lore Pemberton prints and commission originals directly on her website—these would make for a gorgeous gallery wall. Occasionally Lore Pemberton’s prints are turned into classic wooden puzzles; currently, the artist is she is working on her own book of children’s illustrations and takes on new clients on a limited basis.