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Ladies, Enjoy an Unforgettable Vacation with Other Women Who Love America

Customized for women, Beatrice Bradley Travel Club brings conservative women aged 45 and older together for adventures all around the country. BB handles all the details so you can relax, explore, and make new friends who love America as much as you do.

From one of the Founders:

“The brand, Beatrice Bradley, is based on the relationship of Debra Countryman Shutt and Beatrice (Belle Baker) Bradley, her grandmother. Bea’s strong will and fearless adventurer spirit helped Debra develop into a business entrepreneur. Debra built a sourcing and design company and embarked on a career that included a great deal of business travel. Constantly packing & unpacking a suitcase, Debra visited production vendors on several continents and enjoyed cultural experiences from sea to mountain top and many small villages in between. Embracing the landscapes, the people, the food, and all the adventures that travel brings, Debra had the experience of a lifetime! Having an encouraging husband and understanding children, she wove a tapestry of travel, business, and family into one big continuing adventure.

Now, a little older and much wiser, Debra is thrilled to have the opportunity to weave Beatrice Bradley into a travel adventure company offered by Gage Outdoors. Together we want to help you and your friends experience the outdoors, the excitement of travel and life’s special moments exploring new places and meeting new friends. 

So little time, so many fun places to see, experiences to have, won’t you join us?

Be Brilliant, Embrace Adventure, Be Fearless.

Visit their extensive travel calendar, and join their exclusive Facebook Group of 11,000+ members here.