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Know a Romance Reader? Tell Her About This Book

For years, women’s lit and the romance genre have been littered with smutty woke gibberish, but contemporary novelist Carmen Schober offers modern readers something better with her latest book, Pretty Little Pieces.

Joanne, The Well-Read Coffee Addict had this to say in her review:

“There’s a reason I don’t usually pick up contemporary romances. I like depth, and I don’t usually enjoy the Hallmark-cliche romance that encompasses the majority of contemporaries I do pick up in the Christian fiction genre. But this book? It’s genre-defying. It’s a story that focuses on real, raw issues and tough faith questions in an honest, realistic way. This book is the contemporary Christian novel I’ve been asking for, for years. 

Pro-masculine men? Check!
Strong faith, without hiding from the tough questions? Check!
Absence of woke ideas and feminism? Check! 
Pro-conservative values? Double check! 

I loved this story, for the above alone, not to even mention the amazing plot line and characters that warmed my heart and strong Christian faith seeped into this drama-enticing story. It’s a fixer-upper reality TV host meets country ex-sniper handyman in a powerful story of how to pick up the pieces of a broken life and spirit, and where to turn to in the lowest places of your life.” 

You can purchase Pretty Little Pieces from any of your favorite book retailers, but we recommend buying through Baker Book House, an independent Christian bookstore. It’s currently $11.89 plus free shipping, so snag that amazing deal while you can!