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Hope Beauty

This week, I’m excited to share about a brand developed by a fellow South Carolinian, beauty queen Hope Harvard. She explains the vision behind Hope Beauty:

“Cosmetics without compromise. Rather than lower our standards to fit society’s, we have raised ours to meet Heaven’s. We do not have to compromise any longer. Free from the crudeness that often comes with big label beauty brands, Hope Beauty operates in a spirit of purity too. Our number one mission is to glorify God.”

Embarrassingly, I’ve used the TooFaced “Better Than Sex” mascara for years, alternating with Tarte’s “Maneater” and Urban Decay’s “Subversion.” I think I may have convinced myself I could tune out the language in order to simply find a product that works, but Hope has a point. Do I really want my daughter, who loves playing with my makeup, to find Nars “Orgasm” in the drawer? Degenerate. Not to mention that almost all the major beauty brands are disgustingly woke. 

This is just another boiled frog moment. Maybe we all need to zoom out every once in a while and wonder…what the hell am I doing? And why don’t I do better?

I’m particularly excited to try Hope Beauty’s red “Rahab” lip kit for winter, which was endorsed by former Miss South Carolina Rachel Wyatt. Stock up on your favorites and get free shipping on orders over $75!