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Gifts For Him + A Quick Quiz

I recently published a podcast with Noelle Mering, author of Theology of Home, a series of books that share the thesis that our homes are the physical space where souls are uplifted. The pod was about the importance of male leadership, and we conclude by wondering aloud about the best ways to support masculine leadership in the culture and at home. It’s countercultural, sure, and especially unpopular to say that as women, we may have a special duty for supporting the men in our lives. But we do, and that responsibility trickles all the way down to the simple acts of kindness and generosity. 

On that note, welcome back to Align: Women, where today we return to the ongoing seasonal theme of gift giving–this time, focusing on the men in our lives. 


Nothing completes a winter wardrobe (for men or women) quite like a quilted hunting vest. Even if he doesn’t hunt, any man of good taste can appreciate the aesthetic of the English countryside: think Barbour, Prince Charles, or James Bond in the hunting scene from Skyfall. Looking for a similar regal recreational classic? Kennesaw Co. is it. 

Named for the iconic Georgia town of Kennesaw—where all households are required by law to own a gun—Kennesaw Co. offers high-performance menswear that proudly embraces the American way of life. Freedom, liberty, an honest day’s work, the great outdoors: Kennesaw’s creators say these are the foundations of what makes our country great From their mission statement: “Creating durable, heirloom-quality pieces for our customers is our tribute to the timelessness of foundational American principles and the beauty of the traditional American way of life.” 

But actions speak louder than words: Kennesaw’s recent statement on Carhartt and their Vaccine Policy confirms they walk the talk. 


One of my favorite moments of married life is our wakeup routine. There’s nothing like a French pressed cup of coffee on a cold morning with the man you love. We pray, read blogs, and simply talk to each other before his workday starts; it’s one of those little things that feel, perhaps counterintuitively, more important than anything else. The mundane matters. 

Well, Matt recently got it in his head to go on a coffee fast. Of course, there was no way I was going to let our routine go, so I found a happy workaround that allows for his caffeine detox while we still share our special morning moments. 

Gold River Trading Company produces a loose-leaf Cacao Tea (works perfectly in the French press, too) that is caffeine-free, but it does contain theobromine, a mild stimulant that occurs naturally in cacao. Although cacao tea can be enjoyed throughout the day, it serves as an excellent alternative to coffee and caffeinated beverages that provide only a fleeting, jittery burst followed by a crash. Best of both worlds, and the Gold River Trading Company is a gloriously non-woke brand that blends and packages all its products in the USA. This would be the perfect gift for the guy who loves to share a meal or drink, or to include in a whole-home gift basket of the sort I mentioned a few weeks ago.


As a homemaker, I can speak freely (for the most part) without fear of cancellation. The only way to “fire” me would be divorce, and, as a Catholic, frankly, you’d have to kill me first. But it is a real fear for many people, especially many men, for whom prudence dictates they remain silent about certain political issues at work. 

At New Founding, we are conducting a survey to assess people’s risk of cancellation. If this is something you or your husband talk about with any regularity, please consider taking a quick assessment and giving the results some serious thought. Building the alliances we want to see in the world begins with teamwork; it begins with people like you.

Until next week,

Helen Roy