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Get Summer-Ready with Sunglasses, Swimsuits, and Towels…All Made in America

Our daily lives are packed full of activities and duties; children, work, our spouses, friendship commitments, the upcoming holidays, birthdays to be planned, the list goes on and on.

We find ourselves constantly scrolling through our phones, marking our digital calendars, and dialing up our friends and family to make sure everyone is healthy and happy. If we are not careful, we could become workaholics. Anxiety is the highest it’s ever been and there’s always that nagging feeling that we left some page unturned.

There’s only one solution to solve these work-a-day blues: get you and your family to a sunny beach or dive off wooden peers into freshwater lakes. It is very difficult to remain stressed out when you are bathing in the fresh air and letting that Vitamin D soak into your skin.       

Island Slippers: Everything is all about what gear you can collect to maximize your enjoyment there under the sun. Start by slipping on real American-made, Hawaiian flip-flops from Island Slippers. (They call flip-flops “slippers” in Hawaii). This family-owned business is based on the great isle of Oahu – so you can guarantee your feet will feel that custom-made professional comfort.

Birdwell: There’s also Birdwell, whose hand-made bathing suits have been serving their community since 1961. What’s even better than knowing exactly what your purchase power is contributing to? How about Birdwell’s lifetime guarantee on manufacturing, materials, and workmanship? Now that’s not something you see every day.

American Optical: Ignore the flashy, left-leaning brands of Oakley and Ray-Ban. Pick up American Optical instead. Not only have they been crafting their optics since 1833, but they also made the sunglasses worn by the Apollo 11 astronauts. Also, they are just cool and comfortable to wear. 

Deck Towels: Before you jump into the water, set up your perch with DECK TOWELS (LINK). Their crisp, American-made towels have been keeping our skin dry and our back comfortable while we lie on those beautiful shores.