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Get Quality, No-Grift Coaching from Aligned Experts

If you’ve ever ventured into the world of online “coaching,” you know it’s a jungle out there. Grifts and gimmicks abound, and there’s no shortage of sketchy advice from people whose only real expertise is using social media to craft a seemingly credible persona.

If you do want quality coaching in an area of your life, vetting is definitely required, and that’s where we come in. We’ve done the hard work for you and found real, aligned experts in the realms of relationships, style, nutrition, and more.

For Him

Tanner Guzy at Masculine Style teaches men how to “intentionally communicate who they are and what they stand for by improving the way they look and the clothes they wear.” You’ll find his coaching to be helpful, practical, and refreshingly free of the typical “manosphere” goofiness.

Josh Terry is a Mindset and Lifestyle Coach with simple but profound advice for learning, developing skills, goal-setting, avoiding procrastination, and more.

Dr. Justin Murphy at Other Life left academia to rebuild intellectual influence outside of the corrupted institutions, and he helps others do the same. He offers a newsletter, podcast, and the option to join a cohort.

For Her

Nada Manley helps women over 40 unlock their ageless, authentic style and gives them the confidence to live out their calling. Her free content is excellent, but she’s available for virtual coaching for those who want a personalized experience.

Jane Dolan is a Platinum Level Certified KonMari Method Consultant, and she helps women reclaim their homes by eliminating clutter and teaching organization as a lifestyle.

Laura Gaston at Busy Gal Nutrition and her team of registered dietitians work with busy women all over the country to help them reach their weight loss goals safely and sustainably without giving up their favorite foods, and by transforming how they view food and dieting as a whole.

Kingdom Coupling

For those looking for love, we cannot recommend Kingdom Coupling enough. This course is designed to equip both men and women to understand God’s purpose for their lives, to find their identity in Christ, to discover their miraculous testimony, and to thrive in God-honoring dating relationships. Align readers save 10% off the course with the code ALIGN.