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Four Non-Woke Alternatives for Man’s Best Friend

Hands down, dogs are everyone’s best friend. I won’t forget you cat lovers out there either (we believe in animal equality here at Align). Whatever species you call your best friends, animals need the care and concern to nurture their health and let them be another thriving member of your family.

But these days, even pet stores have totally succumbed completely to the intersectional woke mob. The last time I was in a pet store, everywhere I looked were rainbow bandanas, collars, sweaters, and even the chew toys that had the slight tinge of the leftist movement. I couldn’t believe these normally innocuous items had some propaganda behind them. 

Think about all of the Instagram photos and TikTok videos that people release into cyberspace on a daily basis. Sure, the pets are really cute, but there are plenty of hashtags and stickers full of Ukrainian flags and gender pronouns. At Align, we’re not against politics. We just believe politics shouldn’t saturate the entire digital scene. Like in any relationship, we have got to establish some boundaries.        

The two corporate behemoths, Petco and PetSmart, have completely bought into the woke agenda. Always remember: the most powerful tool you have in this society are the dollar bills you carry in your wallet. If you can find a local pet store that agrees with your politics and lifestyle (i.e. keep pets out of it), then use those tools at the local mom-and-pop shop or some of the aligned options below.

But if you want to bulk up on your pet supplies, try Raw Dynasty. They are a relatively new company producing high-quality all-natural foods that are easy on your pet’s digestive system.

Michigan-based pet food supplier Bench & Field is another great way to put your monetary tools to good use. They are currently offering free shipping on all orders of their crafted holistic food for your family’s little friend.

There’s an incredibly creative company out on the West Coast (if you can believe that) in Oregon called Cycle Dog. What makes this company so fascinating is that they use hand-sewn recycled bicycle tubes to re-create high-quality chew toys and neck collars (and a whole bunch of other items). It just goes to show, you don’t have to spew leftist propaganda to use human ingenuity to create original items. 

But for the super-chewers out there (you know if your pet qualifies under this moniker), try Goughnuts. They produce some of the most resilient chew toys around. Another great feature is that they come with a red interior to signal when the chew toy has lived past its lifetime. Even better, if your pet does chew through the item, Goughnuts will replace the toy itself.