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Four Essentials for a Spectacular Spring

Welcome to Spring, everyone! It’s a time of rebirth, the blooming of flowers, and the start of new projects and better lifestyle decisions. There’s no better time than now to take that well-deserved family vacation. We here at Align are dedicated to introducing you to new ideas and companies that promote positivity, a healthy mindset, and keeping our dollar bills spent here in the United States Of America. So if you’re ready to don those shorts, pack up the minivan for the family trip, and slather on buckets of suntan lotion, then keep reading, because we have several great American companies to help you enjoy the beautiful days to come.         

The first important item you’re going to need for your warm weather adventures is a great cooler. Keeping your delicious beverages and veggie appetizers ice chilled is essential for a good time. Be prepared, as they say. Now the supposedly popular company Igloo was sued by the Department of Justice for hiring illegal seasonal immigrants instead of American workers. Real, hard-working patriots lost their financial income during the Pandemic and it is a crime to hire foreign workers instead. It’s a total betrayal. 

Meanwhile, Yeti supposedly purported to be a ‘conservative’ company. But upon some investigation, they released a generic governance report advocating inclusion, equity and climate awareness, all known leftist dog whistles straight out of a Critical Race Theory graduate class. Here at Align, we have a much better alternative.

It’s Bison Coolers, and when you read “Made In America” proudly advertised on their products, you can be assured it was created by the citizens of this country. Texas-based Bison Coolers also sells cooler bags, drinkware, chairs, and clothing, all perfect for your Spring vacation.

The sun going to be out and high in the sky this Spring. It will be imperative to find some shade and crack open one of those cold beverages you’ve packed away. Care for an Align recommendation for maximum relaxation? Try Anywhere Chair, a 30-year-old North Carolina company that specializes in resort-style chairs, umbrellas, and cabanas.

And to keep it American, try applying high-quality lotion from Sol Scents to your and your family’s skin. The creators are from Miami, Florida, and that’s a place that knows all about how intense the sun’s rays can be.

Summer wear is going to be a must as well and you will want to get a jump on that before you end up seaside. Consider Howler Brothers, an Austin-based shirt, boardshorts, and hat company co-founded by best friends Chase Hard and Andy Stepanian. If there’s anyone who knows the heat, it’s Texans during the hot season. Travel in style with the products of this great American company.