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Non-Woke Valentine’s Day Gifts for Her

Valentine’s Day is less than twenty days away, gentlemen. Please resist the cliche urge to spend your hard-earned money at Target or Amazon. Instead, shop now and surprise the special woman in your life with something truly thoughtful and support an aligned business at the same time. We’ve made that easier than ever with our top ten non-woke picks for Valentine’s Day 2023.

Align’s Top Ten

1. Smear Skincare offers natural, holistic, nontoxic skincare that you can trust. This tallow-based line of luxurious skincare contains no toxins or chemicals, so it’s gentle enough for even the most sensitive skin.

2. Kerygma Candle & Co. specializes in incredible coconut wax candles, but they also have decadent body scrubs and other novelties that would make a perfect gift.

3. Pretty Little Pieces by Carmen Schober is a contemporary Christian romance novel praised for its blend of depth, humor, romance, and page-turning plot.

4. Liv Thai offers exquisite bags, wraps, and leather accessories ethically crafted by Thai artisans. While on a mission trip with her family five years ago, Liv Steffen became a regular at the local markets and bonded with local small business owners over a mutual appreciation for craftsmanship. Align users get 20% off their purchase with the code ALIGN20.

5. Katie Anderson Diamonds is your destination for stunning, couture jewelry crafted in Californian. Anderson is a master at her craft and proudly partners with aligned influencers like Allie Beth Stuckey.

6. Seven Weeks Coffee sells exceptional, organically-farmed, pesticide-free, and ultra-low acid coffee beans and shares a proudly pro-life message. Unlike abortion-obsessed Starbucks, Seven Weeks raised $50,000 for pregnancy centers in 2022.

7. If your girl prefers tea, Gold River Trading Co. delivers the finest variety of refreshing hot and iced teas. And not only is the company proudly aligned, but they’ve also mastered the art of bold, loose-leaf flavor without the loose-leaf tea.

8. If your wife is in the market for new fitness apparel, why not treat her to a Yakkem gift card? Yakkem Apparel proudly labels itself “your pro-life, conservative alternative” to woke brands like Lululemon and Fabletics. Even better, Align users can save 15% off their purchase with the code Align15.

9. Nee See’s Dresses is another great option when it comes to women’s fashion. Nee See’s specializes in feminine, flattering, and modest pieces that can elevate any wardrobe, so send your favorite lady on an online shopping spree.

10. Lastly, If you need a gift idea for the single gal (or guy) in your life looking for love, we cannot recommend Kingdom Coupling enough. This course is designed to equip people to understand God’s purpose for their lives, to find their identity in Christ, to discover their miraculous testimony, and to thrive in God-honoring dating relationships. Align readers save 10% off the course with the code ALIGN.

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