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Enjoy Superior Tea and Support a Christian Business with Gold River Trading 

At Gold River Trading Co., we’re proud to be Christian. The impact of incorporating Christianity into our daily transactions extend beyond mere financial support; it sends a powerful message that we cherish our faith and are committed to preserving it. In doing so, we encourage others to develop a deeper connection with Christ, which will, in turn, foster healthy relationships, contribute to strong communities, and ultimately create a more united and prosperous society.

Our mission is to provide premium tea without the health hazards from Big Food that plague many of the commercial food and beverage products these days. We love our customers and don’t want them to consume garbage.

Our corn fiber tea sachets have no harmful microplastics or glues in them. Our products are all natural–we are obtaining our organic certification label in the next two months. And all of our teas are blended and packed in the United States–something we take a great deal of pride in.

Over the next three months, we will be introducing a product suite that offers a clean alternative to the hazardous commercial food and beverage products that currently exist. From organic elderberry to glyphosate-free honey, we source all of our products as if we are feeding them to our own families (which we do).

Join our movement today and save 10% at checkout when you enter CHRISTISKING at checkout.