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Elevate Beauty

You probably saw the horrific viral video from giant makeup corporation Ulta this week. On their company podcast, they had “transgender” men in dresses sit down to talk about girlhood, how they “participate” in it, what it means, and how they “can’t wait to be mothers.” The audacity of these companies can’t be overstated. Twitter algorithms attempted to squash it, but users trended #BoycottUlta to air their disgust for the fetishistic and patronizing display. 

Woke Capital’s hatred of women is reaching a fever pitch. When we here at New Founding say “don’t buy from people who hate you,” this is what we mean–Ulta and their ilk cheer for your spiritual and physical denigration. But there’s one beauty brand whose owner had the temerity to resist the totalitarian urge–an outspoken conservative who turned a cancellation attempt into a business. Elevate Beauty is the brainchild of Amanda Ensing, a makeup artist who was dropped by Sephora for simply voting for Donald Trump in 2020. Like a phoenix rising from the ashes of online de-personing, Ensing wanted to create a beauty line that revolves around both confidence and community. Elevate is a clean brand both in the raw materials and the language around marketing. No vulgarity in Ensing’s eye palettes and lip formulas: a welcome diversion from the new normal!