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Early Christmas Shopping Ideas for Grandparents

The last two years have been a doozy so you may be eager to start celebrating Christmas earlier in order to bring in some cheer! Now is the perfect time to do just that by thinking about what you’d like to give your family this year!

Today let’s focus on the grandparents—the bedrock of the family. You might be tempted to go to Amazon or Hallmark and pick up some bauble or card, but by now we all know that far-left Amazon is a no-go, and even kitschy Hallmark has fallen from grace. We should honor our grandparents with something that won’t make us compromise on our values. 

For the Decorator 

For something less woke and more personal, shop from Cami Monet, a Christian watercolor artist from Florida with a beautiful collection of mugs, cards, prints, and even other unique items like custom pet portraits, placemats, and party supplies. I don’t know about your grandma, but mine would love an “Owl Be Home for Christmas” tea towel.

For the Keepsake Collector 

Speaking of artists, if you have a baby on the way, we have the perfect gift for you to announce his or her arrival to the grandparents! It’s called sonogram art by Caitlin Solan. Caitlin—another Christian and proudly pro-life artist from Washington, D.C.—produces all kinds of art, from prints to portraits, but her most special creations are custom depictions of life in the womb.

For the Hard to Shop For

For gift ideas that are a little less specific but still wonderfully unique, peruse the digital shelves of the Vermont Country Store. Family owned since 1946, this charming, well-loved store stocks a huge variety of nostalgic products that aren’t easily found anywhere else. Whether it’s seersucker bedding, cotton pajamas, classic hard candy, novelty chocolates, fragrant gift soap, collector’s items, or seasonal decor, Vermont Country Store has something for everyone.

For the Bibliophile 

If your grandparents are readers they will love A Fine Quotation. A Fine Quotation prints beautiful illustrations of characters, quotations, and other bookish items from your favorite classic books on mugs, bookmarks, posters, and more. One unique product offering is the “reading passport” where bibliophiles can keep track of their progress reading through a book series. You can purchase “Passport to Narnia,” “Passport to Anne’s Island” (Anne of Green Gables series), and “Faith Reading Passport” to name a few. Another reason to support A Fine Quotation? She is open about her Christian faith. You’ll feel good financing your grandparents’ reading habits while supporting a Christian mother of five.

You don’t have to compromise on your values while searching for the perfect Christmas gift for your grandparents. Stand out from the generic gift giving sources and use this list as your guide!