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Digital Sovereignty In The Age Of Big Tech

The world is transforming at a breakneck pace. AI, social media, and tech advancements are radically transforming societies. It’s critical to stay informed. Unfortunately, most tech and science journalism preaches woke idealogy and cheer our loss of rights to Big Tech. 

RETURN is a different media company.  They have a team of journalists with decades of experience covering the industry, offering perspective, analysis, and critical context, free from corporate directives, advertorials, or leftist signaling.

RETURN believes in securing our digital sovereignty in a way that keeps life free, fruitful, and fully human. Unfortunately, you usually see the opposite: more centralization, greater alienation, profound degradation, and obsessive cancellation. In most of our lives, tech is now used to onboard us into a cyber enclosure where our hard-won form of government doesn’t apply.

Don’t settle for publications that prioritize political correctness over true insight. Subscribe to RETURN today and experience a fresh perspective on technology.

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