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Christmas Comes Early: Easy Gifts for Everyone on Your List


Some department stores were putting up the Christmas section all the way back in October. That’s a bit too early for us, but the increasingly present decorations and sales do start to drum up those warm and fuzzy Christmas feelings of peace on earth and goodwill to men. We hope you’ll hold off on the caroling until after Thanksgiving at least, but we can’t blame anyone for wanting to celebrate the birth of Jesus. Nor can we blame anyone for wanting to be prepared–especially on the gift-giving front. 

If you want to get the jump on your list and lock down a few easy gifts, steer clear of the mass produced Target junk that stuffs most stockings in America. Instead, give gifts with a little more novelty and a lot more fun from Align-verified brands you can trust. 

The Better Alternative

For Wine Enthusiasts: Know somebody who heads straight for the corkscrew at gatherings? Wine makes the perfect gift, and Liberty Tribute Wine is our top choice for a bottle a bit more special than the everyday table wine. The perfect accessory to go with your favorite bottle is the Savino wine saver. These classy decanters will keep wine fresh and ready to drink for up to a week after uncorking the bottle.

For Traditionalists: There’s nothing like a good gift to bring those warm and snuggly feelings inside and out. Vermont Country Store has a huge variety of nostalgic products like flannel pajamas, delectable treats, cozy blankets, and so much more. And if you notice that the host of this year’s Thanksgiving could use some new kitchenware, you can give them an American-made upgrade with OHSay USA Cookware. Those happy smells that remind everyone of the holidays deserve to be made with an American-made rolling pin or a high-quality cake pan. Take a gander: OhSay USA has all the baking tins, batter bowls, cake mixers, cookie cutters, baking sheets and other cookware gift options you could want. 

For Foodies: You can also delight your favorite chef with salts, spices, rubs, and more from Redmond Seasonings. Other salts just can’t compare. Or, if your loved ones love coffee (and, honestly, who doesn’t?) get him or her a few bags of Seven Weeks Coffee. High quality beans coupled with a pro-life mission. What’s not to love?

For Kiddos: Little ones may often prefer the box that presents come in more than the presents themselves, but there are some gifts that are guaranteed to be loved. Crayon Rocks is one of them. Easy to hold and to draw with, crayon rocks not only guarantee fun–you might also get a gift in return of a beautiful picture to put up on your fridge. You can also help kids to not only put “Christ” back in Christmas, but to keep Jesus with them all year with Bible Crates. Your one-year gift subscription comes with a monthly crate for the kiddo you love, each  containing four Bible stories and loads of fun activities.

Business Spotlight: Gold River Trading Co.

If you’ve tried the tea from Gold River Trading Co., you know it would make an incredible gift. If you haven’t, you don’t know what you’re missing. It’s time to fix that. GRTC leads the way in delicious, high-quality loose leaf teas without the loose leaf mess. 

We recommend the Classic Family Bundle or, for those feeling even more festive, the Christmas Trio. And it just so happens that a can of Gold River Trading Co. tea fits perfectly in a stocking.

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Bigger Picture 

Need more ideas for gifts? Know of great aligned companies that sell exactly what folks in our growing community are looking for this Christmas season? Head to the Align Guide to search, add companies, review, and more. You can search by category such as products for men, women, children, and beyond. And by adding the bands you love, you can help support great American businesses while providing fellow Align readers more options outside of the woke corporate giants.

With the help of the Align Guide, you can make sure not only that every gift is meaningful, but that every dollar you spend buying those gifts makes an impact too.