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Changing Jobs Mid-Life

It’s a fantastic thing living here in modern American society. We have a certain social mobility that is completely unheard of in other countries, even in Western Europe. Most socialist countries require the average citizen to pay over seventy-five percent of their wages to the government. Yes, of course, we all complain about paying any kind of taxes. But in these other countries, the individual gives most of their money away to the tax man. We are quite lucky to possess the opportunity to be able to put our minds to the grindstone and create our own businesses. Take France, for example. It would take years to get all the paperwork together and approval by the chain of bureaucrats one must go through to start one’s business. Here in America, however, it only takes an idea and some serious hard work.

But changing careers in your mid-life can be a daunting task. A lot of the problems come from not believing in oneself. We can get into ruts. We can find ourselves overthinking. We can feel as if we don’t have anything new to offer the job market. This is a misnomer. We absolutely have more to offer society than we can ever imagine. Here are some tips to consider when changing jobs mid-stream.        

Consult Your Family And Friends

The first thing is to get out of your own way. The people around us sometimes know us more than we know ourselves. Talk to your wife. Discuss your business plans with a great friend. Spitball ideas with your kids (we all know children are wildly creative). We are not alone in our endeavors. Taking the moment to escape your own mind can lead to amazing new opportunities. Doubt is the killer. Remembering that we control our own future is the key to walk through that door.     

Think About Passion Vs. Age

It’s true. Being young comes with a lot of gumption. That does not necessarily equate excitement with conviction. With age, we have learned many ways of using our personal energy and refining it. It’s a great thing to have experience, even if that experience isn’t in the new field one is applying for. Stay focused on what you have learned in your years and how that can apply to the new position you are seeking. Yes, there will be competition. There always is. But no one can buy your history and experience and that is priceless.     

Do Your Research

We are blessed to live in a country that has access to the Internet with ease. Take your time in learning the new profession that attracts you. The information is out there. Buy a journal. Track your progress. Figure out everything that would qualify you for this new professional shift. Research the people who have done the job you wish to attain. Study their backgrounds. If they are available, try to reach out to them. Real professionals enjoy sharing their experiences with others. The more work you do to prepare can only help you in your lateral move to a new career.   

It is true, changing jobs mid-life can be daunting. But when you listen to other people and study an experience you haven’t had, that’s when the change becomes clear. You can do the next thing and the world is your oyster. Remaining positive is the best asset a person can hope for. We are lucky for that opportunity. Let’s use this moment to make this midlife career change happen. 

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