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Ballerina Farm

If our basic principle is to develop more human and humane economic habits, what does that look like at home? We can start with food. This week, I want to highlight a business that brings clean, organic, pastured, humanely-raised animal meats to your doorstep–and whose ordering process, unlike so many other, bigger options, is managed by human people. Ballerina Farm is nestled in the fertile mountain valley of Kamas, Utah. Blessed with snowy winters and cool summers, livestock and humans alike enjoy this high-altitude oasis.

The beautiful couple who started it, Daniel and Hannah, have an Instagram account that functions incidentally as brilliant pronatalist propaganda. Hannah is a former Miss New York City and a graduate of the Juilliard School in dance. Daniel is a history major and finishing his master’s. Their SEVEN children are “wild, hardworking and homeschooled by their mother.” Through their Encore Subscription, you can get mountain-raised meat from Ballerina Farm every 30, 60, or 90 days and support an inspiring young family at the same time.