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Carmen Schober Welcome to the Weekly Roundup! Each week Align Editor Carmen Schober curates the best deals, discounts, tips, and tricks for aligned shoppers who want to purchase with purpose and save money at the same time. To get the Weekly Roundup delivered to your inbox each week, make sure you're subscribed to the Align Newsletter. Carmen Schober is the Managing Editor of Align, a multi-published author (After She Falls, Pretty Little Pieces), Editor-in-Chief of Staseos, and contributor to The Stream. She taught composition, business writing, and creative nonfiction before leaving academia to focus on motherhood and political activism. She currently resides in Manhattan, Kansas, with her husband and three young children. SUBSCRIBE TO WEEKLY ROUNDUP Carmen'S TWITTER Carmen'S INSTAGRAM
Helen Roy Align Women offers weekly lifestyle inspiration and aligned products from people who know that God, family, and country are what matter most, and that women play an irreplaceable role in service of all three. Helen Roy is a contributing editor at The American Mind, host of the podcast Girlboss, Interrupted, and a fellow at the Claremont Institute for Political Philosophy. Previously, she worked as an analyst for the Defense Intelligence Agency. Helen writes about women’s issues, family formation, and the revival of old philosophies to address modern problems. SUBSCRIBE TO ALIGN WOMEN Helen'S TWITTER
Matt Himes Welcome to Align Men, our opinionated guide to thriving as a man in today's America. Every week we recommend well-made American products, link to useful how-tos, review edifying books/movies/websites, and pay tribute to exemplary male lives. Matt Himes has been a copywriter and marketing consultant for the entertainment industry for 20 years. A native of Allentown, Pennsylvania, he lives in Los Angeles with his wife and three children. You can follow him on Twitter and Instagram. SUBSCRIBE TO ALIGN MEN Matt'S TWITTER
Matt Peterson The geographic, digital, and financial movement of millions of people and billions of dollars out from under the control of woke states, woke digital technology, and woke corporations and capital has begun. Matthew Peterson explores this rising commercial-cultural movement, highlighting the ideas, issues, and people working to revitalize an American way of life. Join him as he analyzes the obstacles standing in our path to uncover real-world solutions and lays out a positive vision for what must now be done to save America. Matthew Peterson is cofounder of New Founding. He is Publisher of Align and Return—a publication and community bringing together all those who want to harness technology for the sake of human flourishing. Peterson is also a Senior Fellow of The Claremont Institute and President of the American Firebrand Super PAC. He lives in Dallas with his wife and four children. SUBSCRIBE TO THE MATTHEW PETERSON SHOW Matt'S TWITTER