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Aligned Athletic Apparel Exclusive: 15% Off

Wear something worthy of your workout—and worthy of yourself. Yakkem Apparel offers a great alternative to the woke fitness clothing brands that are sold by most retailers, such as Adidas and Nike. Unlike the alternatives, the owners of Yakkem Apparel (based in South Jersey) are vocally pro-God, pro-America, and pro-family all without sacrificing style, and they have big goals for their brand.

As stated by the founder: “From now on, our target is to become 100% Made in the U.S.A although this seems to be a very challenging task for a young start-up. However, we have made big strides coming out with multiple items that have been made here in the states. We believe God is behind our vision and ask if you are willing please pray for our company that God will use it for good in this moral-less world.”

Yakkem is offering Align readers 15% off your purchase with the code Align15.