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6 Woke Companies of 2023

“Dollar voting” is the idea that each purchase or expenditure is a vote for your belief system. When you purchase a product or service, you vote not only for the quality of the product but also for the company’s values and practices.

Those who practice dollar voting consider businesses’ human rights standards, political beliefs, environmental practices, and social viewpoints. In this article, we will discuss the value of dollar voting for conservatives and review our list of woke companies to avoid in 2023. 

What Is Woke Culture?

Dice spelling out “cancel culture”

When someone tells you to avoid a woke company, what do they mean?

The term “woke” has evolved significantly over the past decade. In current cultural understanding, “woke” refers to political and social awareness characterized by extremely progressive agendas. Someone who is woke typically fights against racial discrimination and other forms of oppression.

Woke culture has become synonymous with the progressive “cancel culture,” which describes the fear of backlash for unpopular or “unwoke” behavior. The “woke mob” is an outraged group that can ruin someone’s social standing or take away their job for any action they deem prejudicial.

Woke culture is an extremist movement within the Democratic party. The term generally refers to those who are unreasonable, fanatical, or even hypocritical.

Our List of Woke Companies to Avoid in 2023

A purchase of a product or service is a vote in favor of that company’s values and ideologies. Unfortunately, many people who claim to hold conservative values subscribe to and purchase products from companies that openly oppose their belief systems. 

It’s not always convenient to practice dollar voting, but it is necessary. To help conservatives practice values rather than just preach them, we’ve compiled a woke companies list with brands from which you may currently be buying.

An important note: we are not suggesting that every conservative-minded person must avoid companies on this list or else renounce their political beliefs. You should base your individual decisions on personal research and reflection. This guide is simply a starting point for those who aren’t sure where to begin.


Disney has recently taken heat for adding woke and progressive themes to its movies. Recent kids’ animated films like Strange World, Lightyear, and Onward have featured or hinted at homosexual relationships. Other live-action movies such as Eternals, Jungle Cruise, and Beauty and the Beast feature gay characters in more prominent roles.

Many conservatives believe Disney has gone too far pushing progressive themes like:

  • Openly homosexual and transgender characters
  • Climate change and environmental preservation
  • Biracial couples and racial inclusivity in stories where it doesn’t make sense

While it’s essential to consider inclusion, environmentalism, and well-being, Disney’s blatant woke messages in children’s movies landed it on our list.


Since 2018, Apple has donated primarily to Democratic campaigns and causes. The company recently conducted a racial equity audit in response to shareholder demands and launched a Racial Equity and Justice Initiative project that supports the woke ideology of combating “systemic racism.”

Companies that Support BLM

In the summer of 2020, Black Lives Matter grew into a powerful movement that advocated for racial equality and against police brutality. BLM focused its efforts on activist activities like propagating the 1619 project and calling for the government to defund the police. The movement led to riots which resulted in significant property damage.

Which companies have supported BLM with monetary donations?

  • Ubisoft
  • Intel
  • Glossier

Many brands have verbally supported the Black Lives Matter movement or donated to other anti-racism causes. However, these are a few of the companies that donated significant funds directly to BLM.

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